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the-true-king-of-asgard replied to your post: First of all, I’m really sorry.

I’ll miss you so much Jessica! And I need to return your comic books. :3

I know! Sorry, just been supes busy! I’ll let you know when I’m free! Hope you enjoyed them!

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dragonsbreaths replied to your post: First of all, I’m really sorry.

John I am going to miss you so much!!! Stay in touch okay?

For sure! 

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I really wish I got to know more of you better and have some really awesome threads with you! D: Unfortunately, life is kind of a bitch and I cannot continue keeping up John’s rp blog. I won’t use this blog in the future so if the new John or admin for now would like the current email and password, I can gladly hand that over. 

But now, thank you all so much for being some of the most awesome people I’ve ever met. You guys really made my first rping experience super uber amazing and maybe one day we will rp again! Until then, adios amigos! 

To all the rpers, you guys were DA BEST YO and god, my jawn and future jawn will be very very luck to have you guys. Wishing for the best for this rp group!

And sebs and sharlok ugh. JLSFKLLSHDKFJHSDF. ; w; i wuv you guys so much.

Oh, my personal blog is: jajaang.tumblr.com 
I don’t post anything quality. No seriously. I don’t ever so I wouldn’t bother a follow (unless you want your dash cluttered with my shit) but if you want to keep in touch, that would be the blog to message!  

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This little girl right here is my cousin, Madison. She was born with down syndrome. Everyday after kindergarten she comes home crying because people say she looks weird or she shouldn’t have no friends because she’s ugly. It so heart breaking to hear Her talk about how she wants to be ‘pretty like the other girls.’ please reblog so I can show her that people think she’s beautiful the way she is.

I will Re-blog this every time it’s on my dash.
jesus christ, i love this sooo much.

please let her know how special and beautiful she is.

ooc: Sweetheart.  Don’t ever change.  You are beautiful the way they are.  Find people who like you for who you are as a person, not for what you look like…the people who care about you as a person will always be the better friend.  Remember that. STAY BEAUTIFUL. <3

the-true-king-of-asgard replied to your post: ooc:


pwahaha, will do. c:

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getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow =_= aha. my friends and i have a tradition that we try to call each other post op and leave dopey voicemails i guess so i’m extending that to you guys not sure if i’ll be awake honestly at all tomorrow to do it but idgaf. pffft. derp.

also if anyone wants to start a thread with jawny-wahny-kins, go ahead and message because jawn needs more people to talk to i think. 

and finally! my college trip is late august/first week of sep ish and if anyone lives near usc in cali, it’d be cool to meet up for food items cuz i can spare a day (lol last minute planning woot) :D 

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“No, I called him when I was at the airport. I’ll send him an email later tonight,” Liam said, following John as he lead Liam upstairs. The room they entered was pretty bare but there were some small personal things that must’ve belonged to John’s roommate. A periodic table on the wall. a Skull on the dresser. Liam couldn’t help but wonder what kind of person this roommate was.

Almost as soon as John asked if Liam was hungry, Liam’s stomach decided to growl loudly. Liam coughed a little in embarrassment and placed his messenger bag on the bed.

“Actually, I am a little hungry,” Liam said with a small tinge of color on his cheeks.

“I know just the place,” John stated. There was a new sub sandwich shop that opened across the street and he’d heard it was good from several people. “Here you can get situated after lunch then,” he gestured towards the room and then motioned for Liam to follow. “I hope you don’t mind subs. I’m feeling a bit peckish myself-been running around all day-so this break is quite nice. I just need to ring a client, if you’ll excuse me.” 

John headed towards the kitchen and dialed the last two clients. Both cases weren’t on high priority and John was pretty sure Sherlock would decline the last one anyways so he called them and listened to their angry ramble before he rescheduled them for two days time. He’d spend the rest of the afternoon helping Liam and catching up really. 

He came back out and put on his coat. “Shall we?” 

The place was quite homely and John ordered a simple vegetarian one which looked a little sad on his plate. He’d decided to go vegetarian a few weeks ago but at this pace he was starting to think he’d have to quit (but Sherlock had said he would so John was stubborn enough to not quit). 

“So now that we have the time, how are things in the States?”

“Alright, I’ll be out in a second.”

Liam waited until John had left the room before going through it messenger bag, pulling out his wallet, a light hoodie and a small pouch that contained his shrunk down Antman costume. Liam was pretty sure he wouldn’t need it but it made him feel a little better just knowing he had it on him. He walked back out to the living room and didn’t have to wait too long before John was meeting him at the door and they’d left the flat.

They didn’t walk very far. John took him to a sandwich shop across the street. Liam ordered a turkey club sandwich without tomatoes. Even since he’d been little, Liam hadn’t really liked the pseudo-vegetable. His mum had always said he’d grow out of his dislike but even now he didn’t eat them when he didn’t have to.

“So now that we have the time, how are things in the States?”

“Things are going really well,” Liam told John with a smile, taking a bite of his sandwich and swallowing before continuing, “Mostly just dealing with high school and applying to college at the moment. Dad and I -well just me now since Dad went to Africa- have a flat in the city that I commute from for classes. I see mum when she’s in town, for lunches and such, but she’s still traveling around the world for the van Dyne Foundation. How are things here?”

"College… fun times…" John mused. God he felt so old! “Where are you applying then? Thinking of anywhere outside the States? Or perhaps over seas programs, eh?” John chuckled. If his parents had had the money, he would’ve loved to go visit so many countries, but it had been both his and his parents’ dreams to be a doctor and so on and so forth really. With Sherlock, he’d gotten to sightsee for cases. Perhaps he’d have to convince the detective to take a vacation maybe to Germany or something and John would tag along. 

Back to the matter at hand.

"Well, since you’re here, you wouldn’t mind helping out a few cases? They’re honestly all over town and it’d be a good way to sightsee on the job, really," John said, a little sheepish. But he had to keep the fort down while Sherlock was out and tomorrow morning, Liam could meet him via video chat anyways. Or maybe that wouldn’t be that good of an idea. 'Sherlock better behave… I'll have to send him an email or something before hand…'.

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— Epic!Football player John befriending rookie!Sherlock.
J: Are you alright?
S: Ha ha, ha…(can’t stop laughing.)

Yo! Sorry for being mia the last couple of days. Tons of personal things and just been supes busy… Be posting probs tomorrow! Thanks! xoxo jawn

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